Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I think she's one of us

I hate class warfare. It all ways puts me off a little
when I hear someone make a negative comment
about a rich boy or trust fund kid. I'm only
interested in who a person is, not what kind
of background they come from. I don't resent
wealthy people. They are an important part of
our society and our economy. I wish we had more
of them. I wish I was one of them. I can't stand
the envy and spite that is constantly aimed
toward the rich. It's the devils tool and a big
part of whats wrong with the world.

Having said that.

I like someone who hunts moose with a $600.00
Winchester more than I like someone who hunts
quail with a $10,000.00 over and under.

I like someone who went to a small state university
better than I like someone who went to an Ivy
League school.

I like someone who has five kids, The oldest in
the Army and the youngest in diapers more
than I like someone with two kids in private
prep school.

I like someone who gives their kids goofy
names like Track and Bristol more than
I like people who give their kid four names
with a roman numeral at the end.

I damn sure prefer someone who has worked in
blue caller industry and small business over
a lawyer/politician or a dilettante with a
trust fund to bail him out every time he fails.

I like someone who knows a retard baby
is better than no baby.

Earlier this year Barack Obama said if
one of his girls got pregnant he wouldn't
want her mistake to be punished with a baby.
Any man who thinks this way is nothing but
a dirty son of bitch and it would be a cursed
people who would make him president.


heidi justice said...

amen... (My Oma Bramwell gave me your blog to get to know "family") hope thats okay! Your welcome to check ours out

Joshua C said...

Yeah sarah is great. She should be at the top of the ticket if you ask me.

Jeanette said...

Well said!

Rundells said...

Amen again!!! Very well written Chris. You speak for all of us.

arizonamama said...

I appreciate your candidness. It seems such an obvious choice, doesn't, it?

Miss Risa's House said...

hey chris this is larisa got a blog

Shellie said...

Hi Chris, cousin Shellie here, my sisters Amy and Annette let on you all are blogging, so I'm crashin' the Johnson party! I think rich itself isn't bad, but not so rich, is so much more REAL!!!