Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ou' avez-vous e'te' ?

Here are some pictures of a trip I took to
Paris and Brussels about three years ago.
I'm in most of the shots because I'm vain
and it also proves I was really there.
The little boy and girl are the children of some vagrant
hippies that kept following me around.
I thought they were kind of cute so I took a few pictures of them.
These people were so poor they couldn't even afford gloves
for their little boy. I think he may have got frost bite.
I hope he didn't end up like the lady in the statue behind us.
The photo of me and the other guy with the
Eiffel Tower behind us was taken on top of the
Arc de Triomphe. I was holding my camera
out at arms length to take a pictureof myself
when this guy just jumped into the shot.
I think he probably was retarded.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where have you been?

I thought I'd post some photos from some of
my travels. Allot of my trips happened back in
the 1900's so I'll have to learn how to scan my
old film pictures into the computer.
Meanwhile here are some pics. from a hunting
trip to Alaska about three years ago.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Local grub

12oz can of Coca-Cola.
Available world wide.

Green Chili burrito
Los Dos Molinos Mesa, Az
Order the number 5 combo green with beef
if you survive you'll be addicted for life.
runner up The Burger House Miami, Az.

Taqueria Jalisco Broadway and Alma School Mesa, Az
Don't be such a gringo try it you'll like it.

Cocktail de camarones y pulpo.
Taqueria Jalisco Broadway and Gilbert Mesa, Az
So good you may change you're mind about
illegal immigration.

Chips and Salsa
Los Dos Molinos
runner up Islands Hamburgers several valley locations.

Main and Country Club Dr. Mesa, Az
Cold creamy cinnamon and vanilla goodness
made fresh daily.

My house.
Farm fresh dry aged choice beef
provided by Chapman Cattle Co.
Welch, Ok.

Hamburger sit down restaurant
Triple prime cheeseburger Ruby Tuesday's various
valley locations.
It's like a butter sandwich that tastes like beef.
Runner up. The Firehouse Apache blv. Tempe, Az
I'm not sure they are still open. The light rail may
have killed them.

Hamburger fast food
In and Out Burger. The valley, Las Vegas, SoCal.
Double Double animal style no lettuce or tomato
Runner up Fatburger. Same locations as In and Out.
Order you're burger with a fried egg and grilled onions.

Chicago style
Al's Hotdogs Power & Brown Mesa,Az
Firedog with everything. a suitable replacement for
the long lost and greatly missed Dad's doghouse.
New York style
I haven't found one yet. Open for suggestions.
Charcoal grilled
Ted's Hotdogs Broadway & Mclintock? Tempe, Az

Texas style
Cooper's BB-Q Gilbert & Ray Gilbert, Az
I over heard some people from Texas compliment
Jeff ( the owner and my cousin) on the brisket.
That's the only endorsement you need.
Note to family members. Jeff has a cool old ariel
Photo of the dairy hanging on the wall.

Fried Chicken fast food
Charly's Chicken and BB-Q Miami (Miam-uh) Ok.
Local for me is relative.

I don't have a favorite. Open for suggestions.
I prefer New York style. I think Nelo's is
over rated.

Submarine sandwich
Che ba Hut
North side of Dobson Rd. across from MCC Mesa, Az
I don't like hippies or potheads and lesbians make
me uncomfortable. You will find all of the above
at Che ba but the the food makes the trip behind
enemy lines worth it.
I order the five-o. Lots of pork products.
It's almost as good as the gone forever
big joe's pastrami dip from Dad's.

Chinese Buffet.
Hong Kong Gourmet
Main st. west of Dobson Mesa, Az
A little expensive but good variety excellent
quality and full of some of the fattest people
you will ever see.

Cafe Du Monde French Quarter New Orleans, La.
Beignets, the king of all doughnuts. Nothing else
comes close. Don't say Krispy Kream because
you don't even know.
Alternate source Ralf Brennen's Jazz Kitchen
Downtown Disney adjacent to Disneyland Anaheim, Ca
Just as good as New Orleans for double the price.

Restaurants that aren't very good but we all still eat there

Pete's Fish & Chips
Main and Mesa Dr. Mesa, Az
Natives talk about this place like it's something special.
When new comers try it they say " what the hell?
this food sucks!" Before long they begin to crave it
fortnightly like the rest of us. No onion rings on Friday.

Autumn Moon Chinese Buffet
I've eaten here hundreds of times in the past thirty years.
Every time I do every time I get sick, and yet I all ways
go back. Is this what it's like to be a woman in an abusive

Matta's Mexican Food
Higley and Brown Mesa, Az
Yes that location is correct. When I noticed they had
closed the original location on Main street after at least
fifty years in that same building I realised that half the
reason more than half the reason I ate there was the
atmosphere and memories of the building.
I'm not sure I'll ever set foot in the new place.
I wonder how long it will be before the City of Mesa
buys the old building and tears it down so they can
add another vacant lot to their collection.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Two hundred thirty three years

I started watching the HBO mini series John Adams
last night. ( I rented the first two episodes from netflix.)
The show has received excellent reviews and so far I'm in
total agreement. If you have any interest in American history
I highly recommend you check it out.
In the second episode there is a scene depicting
John Adams leaving his family behind in Massachusetts
to attend the continental congress in Philadelphia. As he
is riding away on his horse a young John Quincy Adams
watching his father leave proclaims " I hate the congress!"
I rose half way out of my chair and shouted at the television
" I hate the congress too, two hundred and thirty three years
later I hate congress!"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Get Real

For all the people who don't believe I'm in my forties and don't think I need to lose wight.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What in the world?

In my gone country post I mentioned
a mysterious tank that emits billowing
white smoke when opened. These tanks are
high pressure containers used in the livestock
industry to store vials or straws of semen in
liquid nitrogen ( hence the white smoke) to preserve it
for future use in artificial insemination breeding.
One Sunday after church David Chapman was talking
with another rancher in his ward about his need to
refill his semen tank. By refill he meant refill with
liqued nitrogen but he did'nt specify this.
An older Sister in the ward was eavesdropping on
the conversation and after a while she had to speak up.

Her: Brother Chapman what are you tawkin 'bout?

David: my semen tank.

Her: yore what?

David: my semen tank.

Her: I thaught thats what you said. What's it for?

David: I keep semen in it.

Her: Whar do you keep it?

David: In the barn.

Her: Why on earth do you have a tank full of yore
semen in the barn?

David: It's bull semen we use it to breed cows.

Her: (laughing hysterically, blushing intensely, with a sudden look
of comprehension on her face) I couldn't figure out what
in the world you were up to.

Mark 8:35,36

I rented a movie last night called Moma's Boy.
It was a pretty mediocre film but it made me think.
The film stared Jon Heder, it was rated PG13
and wasn't to offencive but I couldn't help thinking
the whole time I was watching ,that the star of this
film was a member of the church and it made me
a little uncomfortable to see him in that role.
I shouldn't be judgmental (after all I was watching
the thing) but it caused me to consider how challenging
it must be for members of the church who work in
the entertainment industry to pursue their careers
and still maintain standards.
The rest of us of course are no different.
How often are we guilty of not letting our membership
in the church interfere with our lifestyle.
How many of us approach living the gospel on our
own terms. Home teaching appointments aren't
made because the in laws invited you to Sunday dinner.
Meetings are missed because of a big sporting event or
season finally. Callings aren't accepted or go unfulfilled
because someone doesn't like to speak in public or they
hate to go camping or their not a people person.
Hobbies and travel keep us from
attending church every two to three weeks.
A desire for success causes us to make questionable ethical and
financial decisions in our careers.
We live in the world and I believe we're expected to enjoy and
be grateful for all the good things this life has to offer.
It's all temporary though, we each owe God a death.
Do we really want to trade the Kingdom of Heaven
for the petty amusements of this life?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Women, Dogs, and Babies (a peek at my disfunctional soul)

I feel much the same way abut women as I do about dogs. It's not that
I completely dislike them It's just that there are more things I
don't like about them than I do.

I think it's funny when a toddler falls down.
I think it's especially funny if they fall off
a piece of furniture.
My favorite is when this happens in church.
Last week during Sunday School someone's
two year old took a header off the stage and bounced down the stairs.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Observations on Leadership

Never ask someone to do something you're not willing
to do you're self.

A major part of leading is teaching. We all have
experienced the frustration of being criticized
by someone for doing something the wrong
way and yet they can't be bothered to show
us the correct way of doing it.


Be prepared. Don't expect subordinates
to bail you out at the last minute.

Pick people you trust. Trust the people you pick.
Don't micromanage and don't be afraid to let people
fail to some degree.

It's not necessary for a leader to do the work.
It's absolutely necessary for a leader to insure
the work gets done.

No one leads by consensus. Comities ,advisers,
staff meetings, all serve the vital purpose
of providing information. Leaders use this information
to make decisions. Don't let a desire to please others
allow them to influence a decision, It's you're
responsibility not theirs.

All ways respect the people you lead.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
Don't assume that just because something
is inconsequential to you it's not a major concern
to someone else. If someone trusts you with
a problem listen with respect and then try
to help them find a resolution that works with
their strengths and builds up their weaknesses.

Lead with confidence.
Nobody is perfect and humility is a virtue
but constantly talking about you're failings and mistakes
only serves to undermine peoples confidence in you.
When you make a mistake don't announce it to everyone
just correct it and move on.

Don't let you're personalty overshadow you're authority.
Respect the office not the man.
Every legitimate leader stands on some form of authority.
Personal affectations such as hair style, facial hair, fashion
and general demeanor can serve as distractions from
the authority under which a leader operates.

Take the time to give clear and concise instruction.

Act like you give a damn.
The military requires it's people
to be in the proper place
at the proper time
in the proper uniform.
No one respects someone who
is chronically late, absent, and
inappropriately dressed.

Gone Country

When I was a little boy my Dad would tell me stories
about his time as a working cowboy and amature bull rider.
This naturally made me want to be a cowboy when I grew up.
My Mom was raised on a dairy and frequent visits to
the farm further exposed me to the country life.
I have fond memories of riding on the tractor cutting
alfalfa in a seemingly endless journey up and down the fields.
Helping my cousins feed the calves was also fun although
I'm sure it was sheer drudgery for them.
There were also mysteries on the farm.
A stainless steel keg that emitted a cloud of white smoke
whenever it was opened and as a four year old boy I could
not think of any explanation for my Uncle Newell's habit
or putting his arm shoulder deep in a cow's butt.
We lived on an acre lot and for a while we would raise a cow
for beef. It didn't take long for my parents to decide
that was more trouble than it was worth. ( cows have a habit of
getting out just as you're leaving for church) so we just started
to grow weeds on our land like most of the other urban ranchers.
The reality was I lived more in the city than I did in the
country and it didn't take long before I became more interested in
city boy things and forgot all about being a cowboy.
As an adult I've all ways had a secret respect for real cowboys
and open contempt for the urban cowboy posers.
This contempt reached it's zenith during the
great Garth Brooks country music crises of the early 1990's
It seemed like over night half the people I knew traded in
their white Nikes and Guess jeans for polished ropers
and obscenely tight Wranglers. I never was a big fan of
Depeche Mode but when they were replaced by
Billy Ray Cyrus I had to make a stand.
There was no was I was jumping on that bandwagon.
The worst thing was that every time we drove
past a dairy or feed lot all my new "cowboy" friends
would start whining about the smell.
I all ways liked the smell. It reminded me
of my childhood.
So about two years ago my good friends
David and Lana Chapman had a midlife crises
and moved to cattle ranch in northeast Oklahoma.
Well it only took about a week of visiting the ranch
seeing real cowboys doing real ranch work
and I caught the bug.
When I grow up I want to be a cowboy.
My boots aren't polished, my Wranglers aren't tight
and my western clothes from my hat to my spurs
have all been stained with mud,blood , and manure.
Yippie ki a.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I just spent an hour creating a post relating to the photos I posted earlier.
I then proceeded to delete it before I Could post it.
This is the reason I have no patience for this crap.

Cowboy Hats & Blogging

I opened this blogg back in January but I got so frustrated trying to figure out how to use it I
just gave up. Well the last few months I've really enjoyed checking out the bloggs done by my friend's and family so I decided to give it another go.
I still don't know how to work this thing I'm not a computer guy and "you're world scares me".
To add to my frustration I'm a product of Mesa Public School's English for gifted students
program witch means I have no idea how to construct a paragraph, I don't know when to start or stop a sentence and I can only spell my name correctly about 50% of the time. I do understand however that I'm supposed to feel sorry for myself because some of the other kids in school won't understand what I'm talking about. Last but not least
my football coach was my typing teacher. As long as I brought him a Big Gulp Dr Pepper I
didn't have to attend class. The results should be obvious.

I would like to explain the sombrero/Chinese hat I have on in two of the photos I posted.
It turns out that when a straw hat gets rained on it tends to shrink and curl around the edges
when it dries. I have reshaped this lid (that's cowboy talk for hat) since those photos were taken
and it once again looks like a cowboy hat. I went ahead and posted another photo of me wearing a lid that hasn't lost it's shape.
I'm so vain.