Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yo Where You Bin?

We look like a couple of wise guys.
Lynn had some kind of sausage with a German name I can't remember.
I had pastrami on rye with a Dr. Browns Celrey. The classic combo.

The lady in the tank top to the left is siting where Meg Ryan faked it.

Katz's Deli Lower East side. The real deal since 1888.

Look at the dates on this head stone.

Graveyard at Trinity Church. peace and quite in the middle of the city.

Memorial at firehouse next to WTC.

WTC site. Nothing but new construction. Life goes on.

At least I can say I was in the stadium before they demolished it.

Yankee Stadium in the rain. Not good.

Times Square in the rain. Makes it look even more impressive.

Times Square. You have to see it to believe it.

Our Hotel was about fifty yards of of this street ( Broadway) in the heart
of Times Square.


Rundells said...

I have never been to New York. There is so much to see in America. Looks like you saw a lot regardless of the weather. someday I'll get there.

Jeanette said...


Shellie said...

I'm jealous.