Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mark 8:35,36

I rented a movie last night called Moma's Boy.
It was a pretty mediocre film but it made me think.
The film stared Jon Heder, it was rated PG13
and wasn't to offencive but I couldn't help thinking
the whole time I was watching ,that the star of this
film was a member of the church and it made me
a little uncomfortable to see him in that role.
I shouldn't be judgmental (after all I was watching
the thing) but it caused me to consider how challenging
it must be for members of the church who work in
the entertainment industry to pursue their careers
and still maintain standards.
The rest of us of course are no different.
How often are we guilty of not letting our membership
in the church interfere with our lifestyle.
How many of us approach living the gospel on our
own terms. Home teaching appointments aren't
made because the in laws invited you to Sunday dinner.
Meetings are missed because of a big sporting event or
season finally. Callings aren't accepted or go unfulfilled
because someone doesn't like to speak in public or they
hate to go camping or their not a people person.
Hobbies and travel keep us from
attending church every two to three weeks.
A desire for success causes us to make questionable ethical and
financial decisions in our careers.
We live in the world and I believe we're expected to enjoy and
be grateful for all the good things this life has to offer.
It's all temporary though, we each owe God a death.
Do we really want to trade the Kingdom of Heaven
for the petty amusements of this life?

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arizonamama said...

I'm really glad you started this blog.- Lynn