Friday, July 25, 2008

Ou' avez-vous e'te' ?

Here are some pictures of a trip I took to
Paris and Brussels about three years ago.
I'm in most of the shots because I'm vain
and it also proves I was really there.
The little boy and girl are the children of some vagrant
hippies that kept following me around.
I thought they were kind of cute so I took a few pictures of them.
These people were so poor they couldn't even afford gloves
for their little boy. I think he may have got frost bite.
I hope he didn't end up like the lady in the statue behind us.
The photo of me and the other guy with the
Eiffel Tower behind us was taken on top of the
Arc de Triomphe. I was holding my camera
out at arms length to take a pictureof myself
when this guy just jumped into the shot.
I think he probably was retarded.


arizonamama said...

you need to write something about these pics.

Chris said...

I don't want to.