Thursday, July 10, 2008

Observations on Leadership

Never ask someone to do something you're not willing
to do you're self.

A major part of leading is teaching. We all have
experienced the frustration of being criticized
by someone for doing something the wrong
way and yet they can't be bothered to show
us the correct way of doing it.


Be prepared. Don't expect subordinates
to bail you out at the last minute.

Pick people you trust. Trust the people you pick.
Don't micromanage and don't be afraid to let people
fail to some degree.

It's not necessary for a leader to do the work.
It's absolutely necessary for a leader to insure
the work gets done.

No one leads by consensus. Comities ,advisers,
staff meetings, all serve the vital purpose
of providing information. Leaders use this information
to make decisions. Don't let a desire to please others
allow them to influence a decision, It's you're
responsibility not theirs.

All ways respect the people you lead.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
Don't assume that just because something
is inconsequential to you it's not a major concern
to someone else. If someone trusts you with
a problem listen with respect and then try
to help them find a resolution that works with
their strengths and builds up their weaknesses.

Lead with confidence.
Nobody is perfect and humility is a virtue
but constantly talking about you're failings and mistakes
only serves to undermine peoples confidence in you.
When you make a mistake don't announce it to everyone
just correct it and move on.

Don't let you're personalty overshadow you're authority.
Respect the office not the man.
Every legitimate leader stands on some form of authority.
Personal affectations such as hair style, facial hair, fashion
and general demeanor can serve as distractions from
the authority under which a leader operates.

Take the time to give clear and concise instruction.

Act like you give a damn.
The military requires it's people
to be in the proper place
at the proper time
in the proper uniform.
No one respects someone who
is chronically late, absent, and
inappropriately dressed.

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