Monday, July 21, 2008

Local grub

12oz can of Coca-Cola.
Available world wide.

Green Chili burrito
Los Dos Molinos Mesa, Az
Order the number 5 combo green with beef
if you survive you'll be addicted for life.
runner up The Burger House Miami, Az.

Taqueria Jalisco Broadway and Alma School Mesa, Az
Don't be such a gringo try it you'll like it.

Cocktail de camarones y pulpo.
Taqueria Jalisco Broadway and Gilbert Mesa, Az
So good you may change you're mind about
illegal immigration.

Chips and Salsa
Los Dos Molinos
runner up Islands Hamburgers several valley locations.

Main and Country Club Dr. Mesa, Az
Cold creamy cinnamon and vanilla goodness
made fresh daily.

My house.
Farm fresh dry aged choice beef
provided by Chapman Cattle Co.
Welch, Ok.

Hamburger sit down restaurant
Triple prime cheeseburger Ruby Tuesday's various
valley locations.
It's like a butter sandwich that tastes like beef.
Runner up. The Firehouse Apache blv. Tempe, Az
I'm not sure they are still open. The light rail may
have killed them.

Hamburger fast food
In and Out Burger. The valley, Las Vegas, SoCal.
Double Double animal style no lettuce or tomato
Runner up Fatburger. Same locations as In and Out.
Order you're burger with a fried egg and grilled onions.

Chicago style
Al's Hotdogs Power & Brown Mesa,Az
Firedog with everything. a suitable replacement for
the long lost and greatly missed Dad's doghouse.
New York style
I haven't found one yet. Open for suggestions.
Charcoal grilled
Ted's Hotdogs Broadway & Mclintock? Tempe, Az

Texas style
Cooper's BB-Q Gilbert & Ray Gilbert, Az
I over heard some people from Texas compliment
Jeff ( the owner and my cousin) on the brisket.
That's the only endorsement you need.
Note to family members. Jeff has a cool old ariel
Photo of the dairy hanging on the wall.

Fried Chicken fast food
Charly's Chicken and BB-Q Miami (Miam-uh) Ok.
Local for me is relative.

I don't have a favorite. Open for suggestions.
I prefer New York style. I think Nelo's is
over rated.

Submarine sandwich
Che ba Hut
North side of Dobson Rd. across from MCC Mesa, Az
I don't like hippies or potheads and lesbians make
me uncomfortable. You will find all of the above
at Che ba but the the food makes the trip behind
enemy lines worth it.
I order the five-o. Lots of pork products.
It's almost as good as the gone forever
big joe's pastrami dip from Dad's.

Chinese Buffet.
Hong Kong Gourmet
Main st. west of Dobson Mesa, Az
A little expensive but good variety excellent
quality and full of some of the fattest people
you will ever see.

Cafe Du Monde French Quarter New Orleans, La.
Beignets, the king of all doughnuts. Nothing else
comes close. Don't say Krispy Kream because
you don't even know.
Alternate source Ralf Brennen's Jazz Kitchen
Downtown Disney adjacent to Disneyland Anaheim, Ca
Just as good as New Orleans for double the price.

Restaurants that aren't very good but we all still eat there

Pete's Fish & Chips
Main and Mesa Dr. Mesa, Az
Natives talk about this place like it's something special.
When new comers try it they say " what the hell?
this food sucks!" Before long they begin to crave it
fortnightly like the rest of us. No onion rings on Friday.

Autumn Moon Chinese Buffet
I've eaten here hundreds of times in the past thirty years.
Every time I do every time I get sick, and yet I all ways
go back. Is this what it's like to be a woman in an abusive

Matta's Mexican Food
Higley and Brown Mesa, Az
Yes that location is correct. When I noticed they had
closed the original location on Main street after at least
fifty years in that same building I realised that half the
reason more than half the reason I ate there was the
atmosphere and memories of the building.
I'm not sure I'll ever set foot in the new place.
I wonder how long it will be before the City of Mesa
buys the old building and tears it down so they can
add another vacant lot to their collection.

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