Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where have you been?

I thought I'd post some photos from some of
my travels. Allot of my trips happened back in
the 1900's so I'll have to learn how to scan my
old film pictures into the computer.
Meanwhile here are some pics. from a hunting
trip to Alaska about three years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hola!, como va?, muy bueno este Blog, esta barbaro, voy a seguir pasando,cuando quieras pasa por el mio, saludos!! que andes barbaro


arizonamama said...

Dear uncle Chris,

I like the pictures of the bear. How hard was it to shoot the bear? What was it like in Alaska? Hope you had a fun time.

arizonamama said...

Granger says that skull is yucky and cool.

Jonah says that skull is yucky and you should eat it.

Chris said...

Alaska was really cool
there were lots of animals.
killer whales were swiming
rite beside our boat.
It was kind of hard to shoot the
bear because my gun didn't work
the first time and he almost
ran into the forest where I could't
see him I didn't eat the skull
but I scraped all the meat off
and now it's in my house
I made the bear skin into a rug and it's in front of my tv.